Our company

We cultivate a passion for quality, in our opinion…. oil is not a condiment, it is an ingredient!

Established in 1945 during the war, in Bordighera (Imperia), our company preserves all the gestures and traditions of the Ligurian oil world unaltered over time; we select for you only extra virgin olive oils of the highest quality, because we are convinced that…. oil at the table and in the kitchen is not a condiment but an ingredient!

You will find the ideal oil for your palate…. from the sweetest and finest to the most intense and fruity, we maintain excellent all chemical and organoleptic qualities, ensuring very low acidity and peroxides, to be able to tell you that with us, the best oil is simply ... what you like most !!!

Working with you and for you ... exceptional is the relationship with customers, based on simple human kindness, we are always available to deal with you, to meet your requests, needs and expectations, sometimes we learn from you. We have printers and internal graphics to create customized labels for our customers even in short runs.

The little land between olive trees and sea, has pushed us to follow in the footsteps of another of our old company dedicated to anchovies, in our Sea Line you will find all the authentic flavors of the past.

Not just olive oil

Large selection of table olives, from Liguria to the Mediterranean basin, we take care of fresh olives, starting with the most natural brine and following each subsequent step, up to packaging in all formats, from the barrel, to the jar, to the sachet!

In addition to our recipes of seasoned olives, we often carry out special processes on customer request.

We do not hide that we have a particular passion for the Taggiasca variety olive, at zero kilometer, it makes us very satisfied!

Wholesale and catering

Specialized in the sector, we distribute directly with our trucks in the province of Imperia and throughout the Côte d'Azur, the selection of the products chosen, after many years of experience and dedicated to professionals, truly has an excellent quality / price ratio.

We ask restaurateurs and wholesalers to contact us directly to receive the wholesale price list and special tailor-made offers!